This is a day late, but I didn't have computer access yesterday, and this was quite a dream. I feel like I need to share it so I'm not so disturbed by it. Unfortunately, I don't remember the majority of it.

I do remember being with some of the people I spent a lot of time with this last year, including my arch enemy, or rather, a girl I absolutely cannot stand who doesn't purposely make me hate her. But, I must admit, I do. Anyway, I think we have a fight, and horror of horrors, afterwards, I fall into her arms and we kiss! Augh! What is this?

I am definitely afraid.

I'll grant this girl is attractive, that is, everyone loves her, my friends, whether they like her or not (some, after witnessing some of her behavior do not approve), agree she is sexy, and I do agree that she is beautiful, or, at least, the sort of girl people would find attractive (think tall, skinny, curls). But I can't stand her! I'd like to think that this dream actually comes from reading a novel whose main character has this girl's name. Later, the girl I kissed in the dream might also have turned into one of my best friends, who I had just seen for the last time for what might be a long time, and this was after six months of separation.

This was also a reiterative dream because after this I also dreamt that I was confessing this dream to my other friend.