enlightenment is a fine window manager with quite a few faults in my opinion. Rasterman's idea of what a window manager should do is not close to mine.

The newer versions are taking over the things that should be left to the desktop environments (gnome,and kde). I believe that the winow manager should really stick to managing windows (hence the catchy title).

The themes while very cool are hard to install. If you aren't all that comfortable with editing the theme files by hand then stick with the preloaded ones. I have noticed that all of my friends who run enlightement have the same theme running (bluesteel). Maybe they all have the same astetic sense or maybe they couldn't get the more pleasing themes they found to install.

I ahve found that enlightenment is also more of a memory/cpu hog than most other window managers. I don't really mind on my current system because I can take a bit of a load and not notice, but on my previous system running enlightenment meant that it took forever to do anything so I ended up running windowmaker instead. I ahve since switched to sawfish (previously sawmill) and never once have I looked back and thought about running enlightenment.