I burned a cd last night to see if it would play in my car on my trip to my parents house, and it seemed to work well. I used a cheap CompUSA CD and set it up and let it burn as I went to sleep. I didn't expect it to work.
So I had the day off from work, to go up north to visit my cousin I haven't seen in 18 years. Last night, as I was lying in bed, I decided that since it was Tuesday, and since I would be passing by anyway, that I would visit Kawana, who I apparently have a crush on. I sleep.

At about 9:30 this morning, I am woken up by Mom's voice on my answering machine; she wants me to call her as soon as possible. I wasn't ready to wake up until 11am. I grumbled a bit and went back to sleep.

I woke up again at around 10:50am and checked the answering machine. She had left two messages, so I guess whatever it was must have been fairly important. I call and get ahold of my dad (my mom was out voting). He tell me that my name wasn't listed with the registered voters, so I must have been transferred down to my address.

I went to the apartment office and asked them where to go to vote, and they directed me to a nearby church. Is it just me or does something just not seem right about a major government function happening in a church?

I go vote. I had a hard time choosing between Gore and Nader, but I had to vote Gore this time. I will have to show my support for a third party in a future election, when I won't have to worry about someone like Dubyah winning.

After voting I headed over to the club to see Kawana. She was as bright and cheerful as always. She recognized me as soon as I sat down and came over to sit by me. We talked for a little bit while I had a bite to eat. After 7 minutes of conversation came the inevitable silence, so she asked me if I would like her to dance. I was suprised - she doesn't usually ask. I had to ask her last time, and that was after a very long period of silence.

After a couple of songs, she cuddled up next to me real close and we talked about random stuff for a little over an hour. I am obsessed with her. I pay her to dance, but I would just as well give it to her for sitting there, all dressed, with her arms around me and her head on my shoulder. I know that I probably have no chance at all of ever getting to know her outside work, but she really makes me feel very special for a little while, which is something the rest of this cold world seems to be unable to do for me.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a possibility. She tried to meet someone over the internet last weekend and said that went horribly, and then shortly after asked me if I had a girlfriend. She says that most of the people there don't seem to be interested in her. She's asian, and has a small figure (most guys seem to want blondes with big boobs), but she's perfect in my eyes. I scoff at her remark and tell her she's beautiful. She must really not make very much there since she also works at a nearby video rental store. I wish I could have met her under normal circumstances.

I must really sound pathetic.

We talk about movies, politics (I think she's somewhat conservative), music, and of course computers. She insists that I see the movie "City of Angels", and after she finds out that I hadn't seen "The Green Mile", she insists that I see that instead.

After some silence, we were looking at each other directly in the eyes for a little while. She kisses me on the cheek. She tells me if I close my eyes, she'll give me another kiss. I do so, and she plants one right on the lips! *sigh* (/me does obligatory cartoon effect).

After I had been there for about two hours, she had to go freshen up, so I decided it was a good time to go. I almost forgot to pay her for the last two dances. I was wondering why she was just standing there - duh, but I just stood there and admired her. Finally she gave me a hint, so I paid her and she gave me a big long bearhug and another kiss on the lips. I know it's not real, but damn, it makes me feel good.


So I get to my parents. My cousin is already there and I recognize her, despite not seeing her in a dozen years. She has a boyfriend who seems even more introverted than me. We talk for a while, then drive to a nearby museum. The museum was just closing, so we went to the beach for a little while, studied some large tree trunk that washed up on the beach, and collected some shells. My parents are taking in a foreign exchange student who came along (I forget his name now), but he just sat at the vacant lifeguard station the whole time.

We drove back to my parent's house and had a thanksgiving-style dinner. I set up the 17" computer monitor I gave them to replace the 14" they were using. I actually intended only to let them borrow it, but they assumed I gave it to them, and I probably won't use it anymore anyway, so I just let it go.

After a while, I was sleepy so I tried to catch a few Z's, but it was difficult with all of the commotion. We then had dinner, and began watching the election coverage. My cousin and crew headed back to Orlando shortly after, and I stuck around until about 11:30 to watch how the election would go.

After California kicked in for Gore, I decided that I would head home. Mom gave me some leftover turkey and stuffing in a ziploc bag. I gathered my stuff and the leftovers and then went home.

I hate driving. I had just remembered that I had cruise control on the last 2% of my trip to my parents, so I remembered to use it on the way back. It is more comfortable to not have to keep my foot on the pedal, but it also feels somewhat odd to not have my foot on the pedal.

Finally, I spent about an hour doing this writeup, despite it already being November 8 at this point. I should figure out how to be less verbose.

Wow, I seem to have gotten more personal than I should have.. oh well that's what this is all about - getting my real thoughts out in the open.