7:18 PM

I forgot to reorder my high blood pressure medicine. I guess I'll go without it tomorrow. What a bad day to run out - I have to finish two projects tomorrow.

I got my car insurance set up. It's going to be about $150/month. I forgot some papers at work, so I had to drive back to work to pick them up. I still have not set up a dentist appointment. I need to remember to do that.

Right now, I'm waiting for 9:00 to roll around so I can go home/to the gym. It's really frustrating and boring to spend several days in a row waiting on a computer to finish work. These days just take *forever* to pass.

Tomorrow someone is coming by work to give people flu shots (if they want one), but it's at 10:00am, so I will have to come in early, even though I know I will have to stay late tomorrow. I guess I should try to go to sleep early tonight. I've been tired the past two days for staying up too late.

Well, I'm going to go browse e2 some more. I've got about 90 more minutes to go.

10:32 PM

I've switched to local time just because GMT is a bit odd to use when I'm 4-5 hours behind it. When I write a daylog here, I don't usually get to it until after midnight GMT, so I always wind up a day behind, so when I write 02:00 GMT, it might seem like that morning when really it's that night. Details.

I did a quick gym workout today - only 25 minutes. I wanted to get back to my apartment to see the space shuttle launch. It went off perfectly tonight. No delays, no rescheduling, perfectly clear sky. I even saw the rocket boosters separate, which is difficult from over a hundred miles south of the launch pad.

Oop.. gotta go finish making dinner..

1:21 AM

Long dinner, eh? nah.. I just got busy on IRC for a while. It's almost time for sleep. But something's on my mind tonight.

I spent almost 15 minutes re-writing the next paragraph, but I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts into words, so I'll just write some incoherent fragments.

  • She is very nice to me in many ways, and I've never been treated that way by someone like her.
  • She has helped me in many ways to improve my self-confidence.
  • She's very cute, pretty, intelligent, energetic, and has so many friends.
  • I look straight into her beautiful brown eyes when she talks to me. I dare not stare for too long though. Sometimes I lose track of what she says, but I recover.
  • How do I feel? I don't know; these feelings are new.
  • When I see signs of her presence, my heart races.
  • I can't risk saying anything about how I feel, or I may endanger the relationship we have now.
  • I'm happy just to be treated with her presence and kindness, but I'm lost and confused by these emotions.
  • Am I losing my mind?
And if she ever finds and reads this, I'm moving to Alaska.

Big *sigh*. Sleep now. Dream now.