02:45 GMT

I hit the snooze button 3 times this morning. That is kind of unusal for me to do as of lately, with all of my extra energy.

I tried to find the location where I was going to get my car insurance set up, but I failed miserably. I was told that they were located at a well-known intersection. Well, that intersection has mini-malls on all four corners, one of which was hidden so I traversed the other three oblivious to the fourth (which of course, was where they were located). Oh well, I called and got exact directions and got another appointment for tomorrow.

Today was another day of waiting on electrons to be routed around to the correct locations to arrange little bits of magnetic metal on various electronic devices.

My friends at work introduced me to a new IRC channel to hang out on. I'm going to go spend some time there to get to know the place. I've been told it's a tough crowd, so I'm going to probably get my ass kicked...

I'll be back later to fill in any missing details of the day...

05:32 GMT

I just tried out Mozilla M18 build on my linux box, and it's awesome. It's a bit slower than netscape, but man does it render some nice fonts. It's all about the fonts. When I visit an average site, it's almost like I'm seeing it as IE would display it. Really sweet.

I'm glad I got one deadline behind me now.. I get to spend the rest of the week adapting a site to work with netscape, so that should be plenty of time. However, it's in Japanese. I hope netscape supports unicode properly. If so, it should go smoothly.

Well I've now realized that with 45 votes per day, it's pretty futile to try to use them all up. I can finally relax and just enjoy everything. I've got enough XP for level 6 already (at which point I will be satisfied with having a homenode pic), so I'm going to just take it easy from now on and slowly trickle up to the next level...

Someone finally replied back to me a second time from one of my personal ads. She's my age and she's a teacher, she's probably fairly intelligent. She left me her phone number, so maybe I'll give her a call tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it, though a I'm little anxious. I've never introduced myself on the phone before to a complete stranger, so I'm not sure how the conversation is going to go beyond the initial small talk. Oh well, we'll see..