04:46 GMT

The alarm clock went off at 9am this morning. I hit snooze a couple of times, and then finally drug myself out of bed. I got up early to go over to FAU and submit my forms for a non-degree seeking application to the college. I thought I had everything, but apparently my immunization records must be approved by a doctor. So it's not over yet. I need to make sure that my doctor's appointmnet precedes the deadline for submitting my application.

I headed into work an hour early only to find out that we have a brand new rush project. Convert a directory structure containing over 2 million files from a single hierarchy to a dual hierarchy of a completely different format. 1 million of those 2 million files will be split into two parts, so that will create another million files to deal with. All directory paths have to be shortened to under 60 characters, and half of the files will need a conversion to add new data. Oh, and this needs to be done by Wednesday. Not only that, but one of our demonstration systems (which just happens to be in Japanese) suddenly needs to be compatible with Netscape, but that doesn't need to be done until Friday. And our HTML development person doesn't know how to do javascript (which is the primary reason we need to make a copy for netscape). That leaves it to me. Bah. Why do I care so much?

So it was a pretty hectic day, but at least the time passed quickly. That's one good thing about having a busy day.

I came home, changed clothes, and then went to the Gym. I spent over an hour there and got pretty exhausted. For the first time in years though, I actually felt that second wave of energy that people always talk about (and I seem to vaugely remember having when I was younger and in better shape). I was doing some aerobics and I was getting pretty damn exhausted, so I took a short 30 second break and did some deep breathing to catch up on my oxygen. When I started back into it, I was going faster than ever, and kept going for more than twice as long than I was counting on going before I would quit. It felt great.

I treated myself to a good dinner for my hard work, and then hopped on the net. I repsponded to two more personal ad replies that I got. Strange that I haven't gotten a second email back from anyone yet. Maybe I scare them off when I write them :) BOO! If this keeps up, I'm just going to make a standard reply message and send the same thing back every time...

I saw over at memepool.com there's a "Am I GEEK or NOT" site now, so I *HAD* to submit a picture. So far I'm averaging around 7.0! WOO HOO! As long as I was at it, I submitted a really stupid picture to Am I HOT or NOT and a really demented-looking picture to Am I GOTH or NOT just to see what would happen. Then I sent all of the links to my co-workers. It should be fun to see how those turn out :)

I started the day feeling pretty depressed, partly because my co-workers (especially TC) seemed kind of down today. But after my workout, I'm feelin' pretty damn good! Maybe I should start my day at the gym so I feel good the rest of the day. Ahh.. I think I'll go check on my scores now.

06:10 GMT

I'm probably too wound up to go to sleep, but I have to get up early again, so I'm gonna go try! Until tomorrow...

Bah.. this is one of my only negative daylogs.. why?