I haven't written a daylog in a few days. I've been somewhat sick, so I haven't really had the energy to spend much time on the computer at home after spending time on the computer at work all day.

I really feel like I need to spend less time around computers and more time around people anyway. I am starting to get really lonely when I have nothing social to do. This weekend is basically two days of pure nothing. I know I could use this time to get caught up on some reading or something, but I don't want to be by myself.

I miss Sara. She was meeting with her mom today, so we didn't get together for lunch like we had the last two weeks. We've been trading emails back and forth over the week, but it's just not the same. I really like being with her more than anyone or anything else. I would give anything to be with her now, just relaxing on the sofa watching a movie, or just doing anything together. I know she doesn't want a committment or to be tied down right now, that's why I don't bother her to get together too often, but I really miss her affection and I think about her all of the time.

Yesterday, Sara asked me to see if I could sneak any information out of CR about what he and Ann had planned for her next week. Apparently they are suprising her with something on wednesday. I tried to be subtle in determining what was going on, but I was unsuccessful. Sara later told me that Ann was going to leak the secret to her anyway, but thanks for trying.

Productivity at work today reached a new all-time low for me, with a total effort being a simple data conversion on a spreadsheet. I didn't even have to write any real code to do that. I left early because JS's truck broke down and he needed a ride home. TC was doing alright; she's been hanging in there alright considering the situation she's in.

Not really too much more to say right now. I'm feeling somewhat down tonight, being Friday night and nothing to do. But that's my own fault. I need to make more friends. I will improve myself.