Today was a great day. I woke up to get an email from Sara. That's always a great thing just by itself. But she said she would be getting together with us today to go to the Ren Fair. Double bonus :)

We got together at Ann's house, but we all decided after getting something to eat that we didn't really feel like going to the Ren Fair, so we went to play mini-golf instead. They had already been to the fair, and I wasn't really looking forward to it too much since it was going to rain (though we needed it here).

After mini-golf, we went back to Ann's apartment and goofed off for a while. Sara wasn't feeling too good after mini-golf; she had called a friend who was expecting her at the Ren Fair. Apparently her friend made her feel really guilty for not showing up, and that upset Sara quite a bit. She took a nap after getting back to Ann's place while we watched some Black Adder videos. Later on, Sara woke up from her nap and was about to go home. We all said goodbye (I was sad she was leaving so soon), but Ann walked her to the door and they got talking while CR and I were still watching TV. About a half an hour later, Ann and Sara came back in and said they were going to go driving around for a bit and would be back.

CR took this time to introduce me to Donkey Kong on the N64. Sara and Ann came back and offered to make dinner. Ann had really cheered Sara up. Sara popped in during my N64 training and gave me a nice backscratch and asked how I was doing. That was awesome. I really like her, and she seems to be able to do the smallest things to really make me feel great.

Ann and Sara made dinner and CR and I cleaned up afterwards, then we watched a bit more Black Adder episodes. A while later Sara said goodbye (again) and gave me a hug before she went home. I waited through one more episode and left soon after that.

I need to do some studying for my Japanese mid-term tomorrow. I'm thinking I might do better off getting some rest early tonight so I can wake up early tomorrow and study.