Let's see. Today I was getting ready for my trip to Orlando. I finished cleaning up my apartment a bit, becuase I knew Sara would be stopping by to gift-wrap Ann's dress. She came by around 1pm and hung around for 30-45 minutes. My brother finally got a chance to talk with her for a bit.

After that, I ran out real quick to the mall to grab some extra memory for my digital camera, and made it back home just in time to drop off my brother and then leave to meet up with everyone at 2:45. Well, there wasn't much reason to rush because the others didn't show up until around 3pm.

We wound up taking three cars, though later on we realized we could have gotten away with two. It was a bit of an adventure to keep synchronized with the other cars on the way. CR and I met at Sara's apartment to pick her up along the way. TC decided to meet us at a rest area since it is a bit of an adventure to get to Sara's apartment.

We all hung out at Sara's for about 10 minutes, showed Ann that we bought her a gift, but didn't let her open it just yet. We took off and met up with TC at the rest area, then drove up and met at the hotel. We all hung around and settled in for a couple hours then went to a buffet for dinner and Downtown Disney afterwards.

We came back and most of us went to sleep, though Ann was really getting sick by now and was up all night coughing. I felt so bad for her, I stayed up with her. She invited me to lay down with her and we whispered back and forth occasionally throughout the night. She wound up with only about one hour of sleep and I only had about one and a half hours of sleep. It felt great lying there next to her; she occasionally would put her arm on me, and I would give her back scratches when she sat up. I felt so bad for her though, and so happy to be lying there next to her, there was no chance I'd sleep through it. I love her so much.