Woke up, went to Japanese class. I was very sleepy and not much in the mood to do the conversational stuff. Got together with CR, TC, and JS for lunch at Wendys. I told TC about what happened last night with Sara. She was quite tired today so she didn't ask as much as I hoped she would.

We spent about 3 hours at lunch today, because after lunch, TC, CR, and I went to the mall for a while. TC decided to go shopping for clothes, so we had to wait her out a bit :) What a girl :) After that we went to Barnes and Noble for a short time and finally back to work.

We left work early at about 6pm. I stopped by a liquor store today and purchased Peach Schnapps and Absolut Vodka for some alcoholic beverages. I've never puchased liquor before. It was interesting because it's the first place I've ever seen use something that reads the magnetic stripe on the back of the Florida driver's licenses. I then went to Publix for Orange Juice and a couple other things. I picked up chinese food and went home.

I had some luck with the first drink I mixed. My goal was a Fuzzy Navel. I seen two main types of ingredients, one with vodka and one without. For my first attempt, I mixed about 6 parts OJ to 1 part vodka and 2 parts peach schnapps. It was sort of more bitter than I had expected, but it was ok. The second time I did basically the same thing but left out the vodka and it tasted much better.

I'm feeling kinda sleepy and slightly disconnected, but feeling fairly good. Although I wish Sara were around; I miss her every moment I'm not in contact with her.