Today was kind of interesting. I didn't get up until about noon. I got woke up at around 10am by Jehovah's Witnesses. I wish they didn't catch me when I'm asleep. I can't be witty and annoying to them when I'm about 10 seconds from having just gotten out of bed.

Me and Sara have been exchanging emails throughout the day. It all started when a friend on AIM invited me to come to orlando with him and his ex-girlfriend on Friday morning. I turned him down saying that they should spend some time together alone. Well that seems to have been a newsworthy item because apparently he told his ex-girlfriend (they seem to be getting back together, hence what I said), his ex-girlfriend asked Sara about it and then Sara asked me about it. So I had to explain myself.

Basically I wound up telling Sara that the reason I told them that was becuase I just wanted to stay out of whatever would develop between them. The real reason I didn't want to go though was that I didn't want to leave Sara behind. (she couldn't go because she had a lot of schoolwork to do).

Well after telling her that, it seems that we have gotten into a "discussion" about it. In the end, she won, as always :) She told me that she would be upset if I missed out on having fun because of her. I thanked her for giving me a kick in the butt for being so pathetic.

I finally got rid of the stuff that's been sitting in my living room corner for the past year. I got my brother to help me load up his truck to take it all down to a thrift store. There was some decent stuff there, not all junk. A 19" TV, a VCR, two Commodore 64 monitors, a box full of phone stuff, some beanie babies and some clothes. We rearranged the living room a bit and my brother cleaned up, so now it looks pretty good. However, now my room looks like a mess in comparison :)

I wasn't feeling too good. I was sort of feeling down because Sara hadn't responded to one of my comments in one of the emails I sent. I was sort of fishing for her feelings, but she managed to skip over that in her repsonse. I got a chance to talk with TC for a while, she cheered me up quite a bit. She said how Sara is shy and maybe even in denial about being attracted to me.

Sara logged on soon afterwards and we talked for a little over an hour. I feel much better talking to her in chat than I do via email. It's easier to get feedback about what each of us means. I seem to be making her laugh more, I guess that's a good sign.

I ordered pizza and now thinking about going to sleep. I never did get my apartment cleaned up at all. Oh well, that can be done tomorrow :)