Things to do today:
  • Get a new driver's license - Apparently I am supposed to get a new driver's license within 10 days of moving. I've been here two years. Oops.
  • Set up an appointment to get new glasses - I finally got the paperwork to get my glasses, now I have to act and go get it done.
  • Drop off laundry - I am way overdue to have laundry done. It's probably going to be $30 and I'll probably need to use two sacks to take it all. I really need to weed through my laundry and find what I'm not going to wear anymore and send it to goodwill.
  • Go to work - bah.
We'll see how much of this I actually get done. Sometime this week I need to try to meet up with Sara if she is in town to give her this great CD I bought her. It's a very strange CD I found at The Nature Store in the mall. It's called "Grunt - Pigorian Chant" and is an album of ethereal pig latin all sung in a setting reminiscent of a monastery. While it sounds all serious and such, the CD comes with a book with the latin and pig latin translations which are hilarious. It includes such segments as:
Farmer: Soooo-ee. Soooooooooo-eee. Si non nunc venietis, cibum gallinis dabo. (Sooee, sooee. If you don't come now, I'll give your food to the chickens.)

Chickens: Sententia bona (Good idea!)

Pigs' Response: Op-stay, op-stay. E're-way oming-cay. (Stop, stop, we're coming!)

Keep in mind, this particular segment is stretched out in such a long way that it lasts over a minute. Think of slow, hollow, echoing religous type music. It's very odd, but cute and hilarious. You have to hear it to really get it. Sara likes collecting pig merchandise, so I think it'll be a great gift.

I only got half the things done on my list today.

TC was very sad today. Her boyfriend was leaving to move back up north today. I tried to find the right things to say to her, but there was just nothing to say. She left work early today, understandably.

Nothing much else today. I wore my new clothes and everyone thought they were cool. I'm feeling kind of left out of the loop on whatever's going on with CR, Ann and Sara tomorrow. I tried to show interest in getting involved, and I didn't get a bite. Sometimes I really wonder if these people are actually interested in having me around or if they're just tolerating me. Occasionally, I think they may be up to something that I probably am not supposed to know about. I don't know.

A note about daylogs

BTW, not that I really care about keeping score, but getting your daylog near the top of the list for a day seems to get you a much more positive rating, even though the content may be almost the same. I just thought some people might like to know that. I reguarly get -1 to 3 for my daylogs, since I live in the western hemisphere and I don't usually write them until the end of the day here (usually well after midnight UTC). The last two days I sort of got out of sync and wrote them early and both nodes are now over 20.

I assume this is vote dumping, but it really doesn't matter anyway since daylogs probably shouldn't be voted on.