Today I woke up early to go take a friend down to the Saturn dealer so he could look for a car. The first place we went to was closed on Sunday. I thought that was odd since it seems like more people are likely to purchase a car on a weekend than any other time of the week. We went down south to another Saturn dealer and they were open. He found a L100 car for about $16k that he wound up purchasing. He probably wound up purchasing a Saturn becuase he got used to riding in my car.

I spent about 4 hours at the dealership with him and his wife while they went through all of the paperwork and such. Afterwards he and his wife invited me over to their place for dinner. I got home at around 6pm, just in time for everything to close. I hate how everything closes on Sunday. I found a note on my computer from my brother asking me if I could run his dress shirts over to the dry cleaners, but I guess he assumed I'd be home earlier.

I'm pretty happy today. Sara sent me an email last night which made me feel pretty good. She is spending the weekend with her mom and having a good time. I feel good knowing that she is having fun, but I really feel a sense of emptyness when we're not hanging out together. I don't really know how she feels about me exactly, but when I last wrote to her I wrote at the end that I hoped I wasn't being a pest, and part of her reply said "dont even entertain that thought". She seems to like me in a special way, but doesn't want to be tied down. This has to be an odd relationship. Isn't it usually the guy who wants freedom and the girl who wants committment and togetherness? Oh well, we'll see how it goes... I'm happy for now :)

For now, I guess I'm going to go out and buy an iron.