Today was an alright day. We started doing some conversational stuff in Japanese class. It was difficult at first, but once I saw the writing to show how it was pronounced exactly, it was easier to memorize.

TC gave me some advice about college and where to go with a degree. She seems to feel that a computer science degree isn't really the place to go for if you're looking for a really interesting job. She is recommending some engineering type degree if I want a job messing with fun stuff (wireless, etc). It sounds logical. I guess I can handle the math if I just do the homework. She recommended getting involved with a research job on campus so that I can have the classes for free. There's an engineering department that works with NASA at FAU. That would be awesome to be involved in. She gave me a lot of interesting advice. I will have to check it out.

I went by the university gym tonight. It wasn't at all the same as the commercial gym that I go to. There were a lot more people there at a ratio to equipment. It seems adequate though. I may consider dropping my gym membership and save $45 a month. They don't have very good aerobic equipment, but I can get aerobic exercise just by jogging around campus or something. Maybe I'll get some rollerblades.

I still feel good since yesterday. I am still constantly thinking of what I'm going to get Sara for Valentine's day besides the CD that I'm going to make for her. I'm going to make a CD that contains only one song: Thank you by Dido. It conveys a perfect message for how I feel. I don't want to add any other songs to the disc, because I want this one to stand out. I will get some colored CD jewel cases from Best Buy and give it to her in red case. I want to get her something else in addition to this though; I haven't thought of what yet. Heck, I haven't even though how I'm going to give this to her. I don't want to make anything awkward since I know she has made a rule that she's not getting involved in a relationship while going to school, but I want her to clearly know that I still love her.

Well, I've got a dentist appointment early tomorrow morning and have to get some bills paid as well. I also need to focus and get caught up on some stuff that's piling up at work. I should probably get to sleep.