The day started off kind of unusual. My friend/co-worker's truck's alternator went nuclear (he said it was glowing red) yesterday and so he needed a ride into work. I was supposed to pick him and his wife up at 9:30 and that was about the time I was still in bed and had just remembered. Bah. I made up for it though by making an extra stop along the way for them.

Got to work, I got some stuff done. I started on a big project today. I got the basic groundwork laid down. I should be able to get a lot of it done tomorrow. The part that sucks is that I am going to need to also port it to Visual C.

My friends

I'm probably going to do an object-oriented style set of C functions and global variables. This seems like the best way to do it.

I feel awesome. I went to the pool hall tonight and got to see Sara. She gave me a hug when I showed up. I didn't play pool at her table, but after everyone was ready to go, she decided to hang around and practice. Everyone else had to go since they all drove in one car. I decided to stay around and chat, and she invited me to a few games. I was very happy to just be there with her alone (apart from the group).

We played 4 games. Each of us won 2 of them. When we left, I got another hug and I complemented her. She looked awesome. She is so beautiful, I'm so very lucky just to even have her as a friend.

Anyway, suffice it to say I'm in the best mood ever in at least two weeks. I am going to keep this attitude for as long as possible. I needed to see her again. I really missed her and was feeling so down and rejected, but I'm happy to see that everything is cool between us and that we can at least be good friends even after what happened. I still love her, but I can live with unrequited love for a while, especially since it seems like she is at least mildly interested in me.