Not a very useful or productive day. I woke up at around 2 in the afternoon, watched a movie on my computer, wasted some time on the net, and then went to the gym for 2 hours. I got back home, still bored, so I decided to go practice some pool, so I took a shower and headed over to the pool hall. It was very busy, so I skipped it. I picked up chinese food and went back home. Now I'm watching some TLC specials on air traffic control and flight 800.

My mood is taking a turn down again. I called Sara's cell phone and got her voice mail as I always do. I left her a short message that went something like "Just wondering what you're up to, give me a call if you're not busy". I guess she was busy or maybe she won't check it until tomorrow. Oh well.

While I was out wandering around before picking up food, I stopped by the movie theatre to see what was playing and I came across some friends of a friend who I barely knew. They offered for me to tag along, but I don't really know them very well and they weren't sure what they were doing anyway, so I declined.

My brother is out with some of his co-workers probably visiting some clubs or something. I'm really bored and feeling so damned sick of having nothing to do. I spend all week waiting for the weekend, and here it is and my free time is useless.