I woke up a little early to get on the net and check my email. I don't know why. Sometimes I think I might actually get unsolicited correspondence from a friend. It never seems to happen though. I guess sometimes I think that there's always an extremely slight chance that Sara might write to me.

Anyway, so I go load up my email client and notice my DSL line is down. I tried restarting it, then rebooting my computer and still no good. It would connect for about 1 minute and then disconnect. I called to check the status of the network and they said it was ok. I called back to talk to tech support and they checked into it and noticed something wrong. They said they'd have it fixed by 6pm.

So I went on into work, arriving nearly on time. We (CR, JS, and I) had lunch at Steak & Shake today. They have damn good hamburgers. Everyone at work was talking about the big paintball game tomorrow. About 20 of us are going to get together to take our aggressions out by shooting each other. Sounds fun.

I got some debugging done today, but ran into a strange problem when I was simply copying an integer into a structure array. I eventually found out that I wasn't properly keeping track of how much memory I allocated for the growing array. I fixed it and pretty much left off there.

I hung around work for a little while and then when one of my fellow programmers decided to leave, I decided to go ahead and leave with her. I usually try to walk the ladies out at night since we've had some trouble with burglars breaking into people's cars at night. It's awfully dark in the parking lot, and I think someone should escort the ladies out at night.

I stopped for chinese fooooood and by a sports store to pick up some "protection" for tomorrow's paintball event. I have heard some bad stories about guys who didn't wear "protection" while playing paintball and I don't want to become a story for someone else.

I got three checking account overdraft charges yesterday. It figures that my tax return finally makes it to my account today, along with my bi-weekly pay. If only that damn tax return would have came yesterday, I'd have 90 dollars more in my account right now.

Well, I feel pretty good tonight. I don't know if I feel good because I took Kava Kava today, or if my mood is just good anyway. I've got a headache and I still am in a good mood. It's strange.

I don't really feel like going to the gym tonight. My headache is one reason, but the other is that I don't want to be sore for tomorrow's game.

Oh well, I'm going to go find something to do now, right after I go back and hardlink a few items up above. I seem to be quite verbose tonight.