Today started out really bad, but wound up as one of the best days I've had in a while. I was really grumpy and anxious about meeting Sara today for lunch. I knew she wanted to get together to talk, but I wasn't sure if it was just to talk about random things, or if she wanted to "talk". It wound up being just a casual get-together and we talked about a lot of stuff. We sat outside at a great lunch spot in downtown Delray Beach.

She really brighened up my day. She was beautiful as always. I felt great getting a hug from her and I loved the way that she sort of casually scratched at my back as we sat together. I feel so good to have such a special person be part of my life.

The rest of my day has gone great. I got my work done for the week then I took off about two hours early. I went to Best Buy to pick up another copy of Dido's album (I gave Sara my other copy as a Valentine's day gift), then borders to pick up a book, and finally to get some chinese food before heading home.