Nothing special at work today to report. After work, TC, CR, and I went to see Hannibal. It had some very disturbing scenes, but it was not as grusome as I thought it would be. Somehow, Event Horizon still holds that award. I'm not usually into those kind of movies anyway, I was just being social.

I wasn't sure if anyone was going to show up for pool tonight or not. I asked CR, and he said he wasn't going. I didn't want a repeat of last week. I built up the courage to call Sara and ask her if she was going. She said she had a paper to finish, so she would not be going. I wasn't going to go if both CR and Sara were not going, so I decided to join CR and TC for the movie.

I just spent over three hours putting together a valentine's day gift for Sara. Here's what I did.

  • Several days ago, I burned the song "Thank You" by Dido to an 80-minute CD-R, directly from a wav file that I ripped from the No Angel CD I purchased for this very purpose. I put only that one song on the 80 minute CD by itself.
  • I labeled the CD-R, just "Thank You." with my first name signed below.
  • I got some slim jewel cases from Best Buy. I found a red one in the pack with no scratches on it, and used it for storing the CD-R.
  • I found some nice looking paper from an envelope I got in the mail and used it for a gift label. I wrote her name very neatly in english and, just for fun, in katakana (it looks nice).
  • I composed a short letter to Sara in a text editor, then meticulously wrote it out on unruled typing paper in non-cursive handwriting. I spent at least two hours doing this, as I wanted the print to be very neat. It's probably my best handwriting ever.
  • Then I cut a piece of gift wrap to fit in the front of the CD case, facing out. I cut my note to fit exactly inside the same window facing in. I taped both pieces of paper to the inside of the CD case to hold them in place.
  • I wrapped the CD case, which is actually kind of hard to do neatly with the really thin jewel cases. I arranged it so that the front of the wrapped gift (the side with no tape) had a centered portion of the gift wrap pattern centered on the top.
  • I affixed the two name labels, lining them up ceneted on the top.

If this doesn't get me points for effort, then I don't know what will. I just hope she notices it :)

Well, it's getting late, and I have japanese class tomorrow morning. I hope I can find some way to get this gift to Sara. CR said he might see her and would be able to give it to her if he does.

I feel good.