4:36 PM

I'm going to start putting together a sub-section of my site for advocating the use of dark or black backgrounds for most computer programs. I'm also going to show examples of websites which are unreadable or unusable when I view them with my custom IE settings to force a black background with white text. There's no reason why we have chosen to use a "paper" style of appearance in computer programs, other than the insistance of a WYSIWYG look for printable hardcopy.

The other thing that really irritates me is windows applications that don't behave when I set my "3D Objects" color to black and text color to white. If I do this, I find many programs which don't read my settings to determine the color they will use. I often wind up with black text on a black background because the developer of the software decided to read one of my preferences, but not the other.

Well, I've got about 75 minutes to get to the gym, take a shower and get to work. I really hate it when I have to go into work on the weekend, even if just for a few minutes. It totally wrecks my ability to leave my weekend open. Not that I have much planned for today and tomorrow anyway.

I'm thinking about getting a Sega Dreamcast, but I'm not sure yet. The price isn't bad, but I'm wondering how many games are available for it. I might pick one up on my way home.

10:44 PM

I decided to wait and do a little more research. I didn't see a whole lot of games at Best Buy for the Dreamcast, and I only saw maybe one or two that sounded interesting. I'm going to look around the net and see what's out there and the general reviews. If you have any comments about DC, please /msg me.

I only spent about an hour at work, the job I needed to do only required me to log in and start up a server, so that was all of 2 minutes. For some reason though our NT admin decided to switch us all to active directory this weekend, so I had trouble logging in, and I lost all of my personal customizations to my environment. I guess now is a good time to upgrade to Win2k since I lost all of my settings anyway.

One of the network admins, AS, was there for the hardware upgrade, but his car ran out of gas a few blocks away, so I drove him over to get some gas and then back to his car after a quick stop at Taco Bell.

I picked up some chinese food on my way home. The girls who work there are cute; one noticed that I was growing hair on my chin, she wasn't sure what to call it - a goatee or a beard. I told her I wasn't sure what to call it; it was just a result of not shaving for a few weeks...

Why are asian girls always so friendly to me? I don't know, but I'm certianly not complaining! That must explain why I am so attracted to every asian girl I meet.

Oh well.. I'm going to go look for some info on dreamcast and watch one or both of the movies that I just got from Netflix today: Gattaca and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

1:27 AM

Instead of watching a movie like I said I'd do, I wound up chatting on #everything for a couple of hours. Somehow I got reminded of something I meant to write about earlier this week. It's just plain silly, but it's amusing to tell to my techie friends.

If you have been following my daylogs, you know that I have been trying to get signed up at the local university, FAU. I want to take at least one class per semester to keep my brain on the learning track. I am a real science nut, so I was looking through the science sections in their course offerings, and came across a class for intro to quantum physics. I was disappointed to see that it's a graduate class, but I was shocked to see that it is being taught by one "J Faulkner".

That's my name.

What if he's me? What if I get really good at physics in the future, figure out time travel, then travel back in time and decide to park myself here in these times because maybe stuff really starts to suck in the future. I kind of like it around here, I could see myself deciding to live here after I've traveled the world and decided to settle down. If I meet this "J Faulkner" to confirm he's me or not, wouldn't that cause a paradox?

Suppose he is me, and I meet him. I find out for sure that he's me, and now that affects my future since I know my own outcome. That has to have consequences for the decisions I make.

This could create a nice paradox that could implode the entire universe.

So don't piss me off, or I'll do it! I'll blow up the universe!

We now return to our regularly scheduled sanity.

Oh well.. I'm going to try to watch that movie again.