12:43 AM

It was a good day. I finished my code finally, and spent about 3 hours outside of work. Two of those hours were spent at lunch where we went to Friday's. My co-workers even had an alcoholic beverage or two, so it was amusing to watch them de-sober a bit. The third hour was on a separate trip, to obtain a car part for TC. After all of the running around and having left work early, I probably only spent two hours at work today.

We made plans to go see Dungeons and Dragons tonight, so I headed over to the gym to do a quick 40 minute workout so I could get back home and shower before the movie started. CR had over a dozen friends show up for the movie, so we monopolized almost an entire row at the theatre.

The general feeling was that the movie had a lot of nice eye candy, but the story was kind of weak, especially the ending. We seemed to agree that it was all just a setup for a sequel, which seems to be the way movies are written nowadays.

1:06 AM

Just had a server go down at work.. luckilly I have remote access now to just log in and restart it, rather than a 20 minute drive. Technology can be good sometimes.

I rented Army of Darkness from Netflix, and it's been sitting on my desk now for about two weeks. I think I'll take this time to watch it. I've heard it's a good movie.


Weird movie. But, I enjoyed it. More info later. Very sleepy now. Goodnight.