10:50 PM

It was a fairly cool day. I was still quite tired today at work, but I kept fairly busy. I got a program done, and spent most of the day slacking. TC invited me to come with some of them to a pool hall after work, so I left work early to go hang out.

We shot pool for about 2 hours. I suck. I've never been to a pool hall before, but I did get a streak of five shots in a row. It was fun. Most of the people there were friends of a friend/co-worker who I shall call CR; I knew about half of them. TC brought a friend who's down here from up north. TC is always hanging with some cool people; she's cute and fun to hang with. She'll never have trouble making friends. Me, I've got to work hard at it :)

After pool, we headed over to Dennys and had a snack. I ate a bunch while at the pool hall, they had chicken fingers that tasted more like chicken-broth battered french fries, but I liked them, so I filled up on them since everyone else seemed to think they sucked.

I missed the gym tonight. This is the first night I haven't gone since I started. I think I should go tomorrow morning and tommorrow evening to make up for it. I will have to get up at 9am though so I have time to go and get back to take a shower.

This is the day I met Sara.

I kind of noticed something special about her when we were at Denny's (I sat across from her). But me being my introverted self, I never even considered her a possibility because she was so attractive I just assumed she must have had a boyfriend already. I remember her thinking that it was odd that I ordered a salad without salad dressing. She was cute (as she always is), and I can still remember seeing her clearly in my head. I could tell she was smart and had a good spirit; she just had this glimmer in her eyes that gave it away.