We opened our gifts at around 1 or 2am since we were still up from christmas eve. I got a bunch of panther stuff, including a large plushy panther. It'll have to go on the couch because it's too large for my monitor :)

I tried to call Sara three times. I got her voice mail. Everyone says she never has her cell phone on, I guess it's true. The last few times I called I didn't expect to get ahold of her, but I liked to hear her voice on the voice mail greeting. I left her a message wishing her a merry christmas and that if she got the message to give me a call back.

We went over to my aunt's house for dinner, which turned out a little better than I expected. Me and my brother rode together in his truck so we could leave if it started to suck.

We left and went over to meet a friend of my brother and then drive back to my parent's house. We watched Fight Club; my brother hadn't seen it before. It got eaten by the VCR when we tried to catch some of the still frames. DVD's are better.

I had a hard time sleeping, all of the good spots were taken. I had a lazyboy to sleep on, but I can't fall asleep wehn I'm flat on my back, so that wasn't too good.

Sara didn't call back :( She probably won't turn her phone back on until she's back in town. Unfortunately, one of the main things I wanted to know was when she'd be back.