I noticed fewer daylog entries here today. I guess many people are busy this time of year. I'm really not too thrilled about this whole holiday season myself. As always, I have managed to get sick right as the time off from work begins. I seem to have a cold that's keeping me coughing all of the time. I sometimes think I'm exaggerating when I tell people that I always get sick during the holiday break , either back in the days of school, or even now in the workforce. But here I am again, sick the day the break starts.

It seems like everyone at work has something to do this weekend except me. Since I don't have any good excuse not to, I'm going up to my parents for christmas, and I'm strongly considering not getting any gifts for anyone.

I'm so sick of this commercialism, as well as the whole overhyped, superstitious, religious, corporate, mind-fucking people are happily spoon-fed or have shat upon them. This happens all year around, but it is especially nausiating right before christmas. We're bombarded with psychologically perfected memes that tell us who (not even what) we should be. We should all be Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. We should all be happy this time of year. We should all spend money this time of year. We should all be nice little corporate-republic slaves.

Fuck christmas.

Ok, so I was in a bad mood earlier... I take it back (but I won't edit it, becuase I want a record of how and what I was thinking at the time). Read tomorrow's daylog to find out why.