Got a bunch of work done today. We don't expect to do much tomorrow or next week since all of the suits will be out of the office.

After work, CR came by to play around with a utility for Worms Armageddon that lets you tweak the physics in the game. That game has tons of settings. I've never seen a trainer with so many options.

I've got to find something quick and simple to buy for my parents and brothers for christmas. While I don't want to do anything too fancy, but I think gift certificates for Taco Bell might be a bit tacky.

I'm constantly thinking about Sara. I need to spend some idle time deciding about what I should do. Perhaps I should just let her know that I do think about her often and that I would like to know if she has any special feelings for me. There seems to be no subtle way to establish this kind of information. I've spent quite a bit of time over the past week or two trying to think of a way, but I've been failing. The problem seems to be that the longer I wait to test the waters, the more awkward it will make it to ask, as we continue to establish a friendship.

I need to make it a priority to find out right after she returns. The sooner, the better.


Time for deep thought, sleep, and dreams.