Dec 21 9:37 AM

Forgot to daylog yesterday.

I had another crazy day at work, with stuff stacking on faster than I can pull it off. My brother came by my apartment and went down to Red Lobster to put in a job application. He's going to stay with me while he goes to college. It should be interesting. We all went to Best Buy and then Roadhouse Grill.

Sara left me a picture on her way up to Melbourne, Florida for the holidays. It's the only picture of me at the christmas party where my eyes aren't closed. It's very nice; I picked up a $100 canon scanner so I can scan it in and put it up on my website. I started scanning a bunch of my old pictures as well; they're easier to find and manage on a computer.

TC called me last night from Seattle to find out if we're working on Friday or not. I told her that I wasn't sure. She wants to know becuase she's getting back at 7am on Friday and doesn't feel too positive about going into work right after that, especially if it's only a half day. She asked how everything's going since I haven't seen her since the christmas party. She asked about me and Sara and said that people think we have chemistry together. That made me feel good. I was kind of hesitant to start moving from a friendship to a relationship with her, but I think this is encouraging and will give me some confidence when the time comes (perhaps after the holidays).