2:22 PM

Hey, I'm actually writing a daylog for the same day as the actual GMT date for once. I usually don't get around to my daylog until after I get home from work, which is around 8-9PM local or 1-2AM GMT the next day.

I woke up at around noon to go into work and start a process that would re-index all of our data. That takes like 4 hours, so I was going to go do that then catch a movie and come back to finish off the reconfig and testing for the new data scheme, but I caught our net admin on IRC and he hooked me up with remote access to do this from home. Sweet. I owe him a lunch.

So I got that process running, and now my plans are sort of skewed. I'm not sure what I should do now.

Things I need to do today/this weekend:

Right now, I'm starting to get a little hungry, so I think I'll go grab something to eat. I'm thinking maybe Boston Market, then I'll head over to a movie. A cow-orker told me that Unbreakable is somewhat interesting. I think I'll check that out if the schedule looks good by the time I get there. BBL.

6:09 PM

Just saw Unbreakable. It was fairly good. Ended too abruptly though. I anticipated the ending about 10 minutes in advance, but wasn't quite sure.

Well, I've got about 2 hours before the gym closes. I guess I'll haul my ass down there and get a workout. I've been slacking on the weights, only doing walking the last two days, so I need to spend some time there tonight to get caught up.

9:56 PM

I spent about an hour and a half at the gym, and I know I'm going to be hurting tomorrow. As soon as I got home, I couldn't do anything but just sit. So I dug up an NES emulator and Legend of Zelda ROM, and played that for two hours. I don't know why I like that game so much when there are so many more modern games.