Things to remember to do soon:

11:02 PM

Hectic day at work. Went and played pool with the group, including Sara. She will be leaving tomorrow for christmas vacation; I will miss her. This should give me some time to really think about how I can get to know her better and build up a relationship.

As far as pool goes though, I seem to be improving at it a bit with each game. I realized after having already paid that the guys are covering for the ladies; so I will have to remember that next time. I'm *so* stupid when it comes to this kind of stuff.

I haven't had much chance to go to the gym in the past two days. I will need to really work out tomorrow. A friend of a friend invited me out to do something on Thursday night, so I will really need to start making good use of my free time at the gym if I'm going to keep up the pace.

Need to get into work early tomorrow, so I shall sleep soon.