Just got back from the Limp Bizkit/Godsmack concert, and my ears are still numb. It was awesome. We even had a mosh pit form up in the seat asiles a few feet away from us. It was great to hear Godsmack's songs live. I've got to buy a couple of new albums now.

I left work at about 4pm to go pick up the rest of our group. We arrived about 90 minutes early. The place was packed by the time Godsmack was playing. Limp Bizkit put on an awesome show; everyone was standin and rockin. I haven't heard too many of his songs before, but I'll have to check them out.

I just wrote another email to Sara. I want to keep some communication going so I can see what develops. I should call her on the phone sometime... I'm just better at communicating through text though; it gives me a chance to be more articulate. I always feel like I've run out of conversational topics when talking in person or on the phone with someone. Still, if I want to foster a relationship, I will need to call her on the phone.

I wonder if it would be really shameless of me to make a notecard of topics of conversation to bring up when I'm not sure what else to talk about :) I could even put the list in my palm pilot and just claim that I was checking the time. If anyone has any suggestions, /msg me :)

Well, I've got to get into work early again tomorrow.

Time for sleep. Time to dream.