I was awake for 30 hours straight on Friday which led into Saturday, so this is a continuation of yesterday's daylog. I was up all night doing a LAN party at my apartment with some friends.

At around 11:00, Sara came by my apartment to take me and Chris down to the flea market to look for some specific items. By this time we were getting quite delierious with lack of sleep, but it was quite entertaining. It's probably as close to drunk as I can get since I don't drink alcohol.

We planned to go down to the flea market, but didn't expect to be up all night. Pete was hungry and tired so he skipped the flea market and went home. The rest of us went and probably only spent about an hour there. When we got back, we packed up the computer stuff and everyone departed. Sara said she was working on painting her parent's laundry closet this weekend while they were getting a new washer and dryer.

I went back in, tried a few single-player training rounds of Worms, got frustrated and decided it was time to go to sleep.

I was woke up at about 9:00 tonight by my boss who decided that we would do our maintenance at 7:00 am tomorrow. No big deal, it was either going to be 7:00 am or 8:00 pm. The earlier I get it out of the way, the better I can feel like the few remaining hours of the weekend are all mine.

Since I only got about 5 hours sleep after 30 hours of awake, I think I'm going to go rest a bit more.