10:58 PM

Another crazy day at work. I had stuff piled on me faster than I could get it done. I could have kept up though, if the network wasn't going up and down every five minutes. I decided I'm going to start using my linux box more, because it seems to be more reliable when the network is acting up like this. I couldn't do anything on my windows box today.

I left work promptly at 6:00PM, at the anger of yet another network failure. I decided that was enough and I was taking off. I got there at 9:30 anyway, so I was only leaving a half hour early.

I went home and took a quick shower, and cleaned myself up before heading off to play pool. I spent a little extra time trying to look and smell good since I was going to be meeting Sara again. I wanted to make a good impression since she is coming to the christmas party with me.

CR told me that she lives about 30 minutes away from here in the opposite direction of the party, so I might have to get off of work a little earlier than everyone else to go pick her up. He said she might be able to get a ride, but it would probably be appropriate for me to pick her up.

I think I'm getting slightly better at pool, though I still really suck compared to the people who I played against. At least I didn't miss as many times as I did before. I talked with Sara for a little while, but I couldn't say much about the party since someone else was there who wasn't supposed to know about it. She said her chemistry exam went well and that she should get an A in the class. CR said she's very interested in biology and perhaps will work on becoming a doctor. She's intelligent and cute... :)

I told her that I would email her the specific details about the party. Perhaps I'll do that now.


Heh.. that took me about a half hour to write the letter to Sara. I offered to pick her up and perhaps drive the rest of the gang down there; since I don't drink alcohol I should be a fairly safe designated driver.

I gave her a compliment and wished her luck on the rest of her final exams. I have a feeling that she may just want to go to the party with me as a newly-introduced friend, but this will be a chance to get to know her better and see if she is attracted to me. I feel attracted to her, though somewhat intimdated (as I am with nearly all women). She's intelligent, cute, fit, and somewhat shy. She seems like she might enjoy science as much as I do, so it might be worth digging up some old college notes to try on as topics of conversation.

12:12 AM I had to add a new hole to my belt today. My pants kept slipping down and I had no more holes left in my belt. I checked my weight at the gym and I'm down to 234lbs. That's not bad considering I'm also building muscle mass. I started at around 245 about a month ago.

I'm consuming well under 2000 calories per day, and I'm typically burning off 400-500 extra calories per day at the gym. I noticed the most-used notch in my belt is now two notches above where I am at, so it seems to be working out well. My jeans also seem to be way too big on me now... I may have to buy a couple new pairs of jeans if I keep this up - but it's worth it. I feel good, though I've still got a long way to go. I want to at least get under 200lbs.