8:00 PM

Very frustrating day at work.

The networking group switched over our internal network from a FUBAR'ed 55.* address to a more correct 192.168.* address. This messed up some code that was tied to specific IP addresses on the 55* network. It also caused some problems with the firewall and other security stuff. So not only was it necessary to go through several software systems to update their configurations, but it was slow to impossible to telnet into those machines over the network.

Also, we updated something in the windows domain that required all of our computers to be reset. My userid changed to match the userid in my email address, so that meant that I lost all of my configurations and links to programs in Windows. As long as it was all gone, I decided to upgrade my box to win2k. It's alright, but I've got a lot of stuff to reinstall and reconfigure now.

My stomach is somewhat upset, but I don't know if it's from lunch, hunger, anxiety, or just having my nerves frayed from the chaos today. I do seem to feel a little anxiety towards our christmas party; more now since I'm bringing someone with me. But I don't think it's all from just that.

I didn't get anything done on my list from yesterday except "go to work". I will go to the gym after work, and hopefully pick up something from the grocery store or a fast food place so I have something to eat tonight besides soup. I might just get fast food since I'm probably going to be a sweaty mess after my workout.

Right now, I'm still at work waiting for a co-worker to show up so he can make a hardware modification and reboot the server. I need to be here in case some application doesn't come up properly after the restart. I can probably do this from home, but I'm not going straight home from here, so I should wait.

I picked up a t-shirt during lunch at a place called Hot Topic, which has written on it a few dozen times "Can't sleep, clowns will eat me." I'm not sure if this line originated from the Simpsons or not... :)

10:46PM .. er.. 11:10PM

Weird.. my clock was off by 24 minutes. I just noticed because I left the gym at 10:50, and I know I didn't travel back in time :) BTW, there's a very nice simple utility for Windows called WebTime that synchronizes your computer clock to the standard time servers on the net.

I have Sara's contact info, so I think I'll send her an email tonight sending her my info in case she needs to contact me. I'll probably see her tomorrow night anyway at the pool hall..

I've got a lot of energy tonight, which is bad because I need to get to sleep fairly early (probably in the next hour). I guess it's going to be a Unisom night tonight.