Dec 2 12:39 AM

I got a flu shot this morning when I walked into work. I heard they were in short supply this year, so I figured why not (the company was paying). My mom is an RN and even she has not been able to get one yet.

I accomplished most of my work today. I have to go into work tomorrow though since a cow-orker messed up his script and left me hanging with no data to process. Damn it. Not that I have anything to do on my weekend anyway, but it would be nice to spend it slacking however I want.

I left work a little early since everyone else did (the boss left early). I had chinese food for dinner, so I waited until 10pm to go to the gym, which closes at 11. I walked for 40 mins, which came to 447 calories burned. That was approximately the input I had at lunch (Wendys chicken salad and a small frosty).

My belt no longer holds up my pants on the default most-worn-out notch, so I took it up one more, but that's the last notch before I start poking my own holes in it. I'm not losing much weight though. I checked it, and I'm still at 240lbs.

My mood is kind of neutral tonight. Not feeling too energetic or excited, and not feeling too depressed or lonely. Sometimes it feels good just to not feel anything.