I've exchanged a few emails with Sara now, and everything's going to work out great. I think we are really going to honestly become "very close friends" (as she put it) and absolutely nothing more or less. I learned a whole lot about all of her interests and motivations and I shared all of mine with her. We are now very open to each other. We both have concluded that neither of us is interested in a relationship right now with anyone. We both just want freedom, but at the same time we both want someone we can flirt and cuddle with, but without any real meaning behind the actions. So I think this close friendship will be a great way for us to get what we both want.

I feel like now that I've been hurt a bit, now there's not so much to be afraid of in a relationship. I think I will be a lot more confident and act much more relaxed with the next person I become interested in. I don't have to be afraid of being hurt so much now that I know how it feels.

I just feel great today, knowing it's all settled and we're both still alright with each other. Now I've been through something I'd always feared, and I've come out of it with an evolved sense of myself and life in general.