I Slept with the gods!!!

Well, not WITH them, but I am writing now from The New York City Noder Compound, and I am overwhelmed with how cool everyone here is. As I write this, my butt firmly planted in the same place thefez sits, I feel like I am somehow invading a sacred place, corrupting with my newness and inexperience. Discovering and breaking some sacred taboo, only to find out that you were welcomed the whole time.

I got the word from corporate, "Go to New York for Training on the new help desk program." I start poking around and got my boss to buy the one hundred dollar train ticket, and then starting thinking about accomidations. The basic problem with this is that my company's policy is pretty screwed up on expendatures. I have to fron t all the money, then they'll refund what I have receipts for. This is fine for everyone with a great credit rating and disposable income, but for me it sucks. I don't have the six hundred dollars it would cost to stay in a hotel.

Templeton says, "why don't you ask one of the New York noders to put you up?" Sometimes it's really great to be in love with someone who's infamous on this site... well, it's always great. A few messages later and I find my accomidations requiry's fullfilled by fez.

"Duder, s'cool with the crew. You can crash on my couch."

The ride on the subway was long and confusing for a man built for wide open spaces. I looked at the transit map and tried to decipher what looked like the Great Pyramid of Giza. Again Fez comes to rescue offering a clear path to his home in Brooklyn. He met me at the subway stop, but was leaning over the a construction railing talking on a cell phone. I had only met him once at hot damn 2 and could not recognize him from such a position. I stood there in the cold New York night franticly leaving voicemail messages on his cell phone. "Dude, it's Jake... where are you?" "Dude, it's Jake, I don't know how to get to your house.. call me back." Soon I looked up at this great smiling face and I knew all was ok.

The stay here has been fantastic so far. I went to my class in upper Manhattan and learned much about what is the help desk software that I'll be using. After leaving the office today I walked by Rockerfeller Plaza and saw the people ice skating in the rain. I talked to people on the subway and shared in laughter of my ignorance of thier home. While I'm drinking as much of this place in I can't wait to be back home in her arms. Fez has been gone alot this evening, leaving more time to spend with perdedor who rocks just as much as laura said he would.

I always said I hated New York, but now I've seen the light. In the past twenty four hours I've come to love the city that never sleeps. I've come to understand why so many people would pile up in one general location.