The last time I wrote an article regarding Naxalbari it was sent to Node Heaven by Klaproth. I was told to prove that I am the original author . Indeed it was cut and paste but I was so restless to tell the everything2 community that such movements had originated in India which I now consider as dead when you talk about how much people use their brains and listen to their hearts. Art and literature has become monopolised by the elite and the rich. The people and their lives have become so money-oriented that they have nothing else to think about other than making money. Let me not deviate from the topic too much.

Naxalbari is actually the name of a place in Darjeeling in northern India. This is where the Naxalbari movement originated followed by the split of the Communist Party of India in 1964 over ideological issues. The new group was called the Communist Party ( Marxist) . Their main idea was to free the poor farmers from the clutches of the landlords. One group with in this group could not bear the gross injustice by the landlords and they called for an armed struggle . Using violence as their means itself lead to the weakening of the movement as passage of time showed .

Naxalites, as they were called organised a meeting of the peasants in Siliguri. They began harvesting the crops in the Naxalbari region and hoisted red flags all over. The movement was lead by Charu Mazumdar and Jangal Santal. Because of the path of violence that the Naxalites resorted to the governmet could not remain silent and the started suppressing the movement. Many of the leaders were arrested and many had to go underground.

The Naxalites were reluctant to take up the ideologies of the Communist Party of the erstwhile Soviet Union . They were with the Communist Party of China following the Great Debate. They were against the restoration of capitalism in USSR by the then president Nikita Krushchev. The movement had strong intellectual base and ideologies . But the ideologies failed to fire up the imaginations of the lazy Indians. The Naxalites had their own firm ideas in every front whether it be political, ideological or economic issues which were very much people friendly. When I say people it means the poor, while the rich are 'class enemies'. To put it in their own words " The enemies of revolution are imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucrat capitalism, while the friends of the revolution are workers, peasants and the national bourgeosie with the peasants as the main force and the working class as the leading force".