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University of Melbourne.
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Undergraduate student at Melbourne University, Australia, studying law and computer science (double degree). Self-employed as a part-time web developer/programmer and sysadmin.

Hobbies include reading, playing violin, philately (near complete pre-decimal Australia collection), lapidery, classical music, jazz, digital photography, computer gaming, science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, trawling the web, computer hardware, volcanoes, nuclear physics, and internet law, among other things.

My Computer:

  • AMD Duron 800@1000 (7.5*133)
  • Abit KT7A-RAID
  • 80GB Western Digital JB HDD
  • 80GB Maxtor HDD
  • 40GB Maxtor 5400rpm HDD (Backup)
  • Lian-Li PC 60 (original batch)
  • Watercooled:
    -Spir@l waterblock
    -BlackIce Extreme radiator
    -Eheim 1250 pump
    -Tygon 1/2" ID tubing
    -Blue DyeLite
  • Blue Cold Cathode, miscellaneous mods

For a complete description see my OCAU PCDB entry.