Almost fifteen years ago I was working as a secretary at a tree surgeon in Redwood City, California. Nice company, loved the job, sat around an office full of pesticides all the time.

Then I got pregnant with my little girl, Amy.

Needless to say, I quit working immediately. Gave Bob three hours notice, which he accepted in good humor, being that he doesn't think dead fetuses are cute, either.

Except for a temporary gig a year or so back that I did from home as tech support for an ISP owned by a friend of mine, and owning my own web hosting, web design and dial-up ISP that I ran from my living room office, I haven't really worked since then.

Today I went for my first job interview in more than sixteen years. I was a nervous wreck, and when I got there they gave me a stinkin' math test. I suck at math, but apparently I scored 95%. Wow.

Long story short, I have a job. I start tomorrow. I am THRILLED!

This means no stress about paying bills on time. No fears about where the next meal is coming from. No worrying about school supplies and shoes for our massive brood of kids. And finally being able to pay some child support to my extremely kind, loving, and patient ex-first-husband and still damn good friend, Koji.

Thank you, God.