So Michael Jackson is in the news again. He has purchased a 14 acre luxury home in Bahrain. Good, get the fuck out of the USA, Mike, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

But I have to say, I feel bad for his kids. I mean, they already wear what amounts to burqa here in the US. Ever seen pics of them in those scarves covering them from head to knees?

I suppose when he moves, his sons will be freed from their little Michael enforced purdah, but his daughter? Oh Lordy. Can you say "Fashion sense for you, little girl, is now limited to a black abayah!"? I knew you could.

I wonder if that child will ever feel the sunlight on her face again.

Way to go,. Mike. Rape kids in America, run away, and bury your daughter in a society that just granted women's suffrage three fucking years ago (a daring move that 60% of WOMEN in Bahrain were opposed to!). A place where the women are covered head to foot, and female tourists are required to wear full length skirts when in public. A place where women have no right to divorce a brutal bastard of a husband. A place where the men can still have up to four wives if they want them. A place where a woman was recently sent to jail for questioning the use of Sharia in the family courts.

I can just hear Michael's thoughts on the matter: "Fuck yeah, let me take my daughter THERE."


Apparently at least one person here sees this as an anti-Islam rant. No.

This is an anti-child molester running and hiding overseas rant. This is about a man who keeps his children wrapped up like sausages, and is now taking his daughter to a country that has a very far way to go before the women there are treated with anything resembling equality.

It has DICK to do with Islam, which, in reasonable people's hands, is NOT a religion of war, death, terror, or shitting on women, just like in reasonable people's hands, Christianity isn't about those things either.

I am not anti-Islam. I have one hell of a lot of respect for Islam, and I do indeed know the fucking difference between Muslims and crazy people. It's a BIG difference. Thanks.