Someone got shot right outside my building today. There were many intaresting reactions to the shooting. I heard many different versions of the story. From someone in a car shooting someone in another car over road rage all the way to a gangland turf battle. I heard one first hand account of the incedent that made it out to look like this is some sort of hard neighborhood. It isn't. The "witness" wanted to sound badass. I can, from what I directly observed, discount several of the "facts" in his story. Huntington Avenue, also refered to as "The Avenue of the Arts", had a shooting. I haven't yet been able to get any information that has any kind of provability to it but people are talking about it like they were right there when it happened and giving vastly different accounts. Someone died or someone was only slightly injured, there was one guy with a gun or there was a full fleged gunfight. All I saw was a big crowd of Boston Police cars and some news crews and a bullet hole in the windsheild of a car. It is much less scary if I believe that it was a turf war between rival gangs because I am not involved, but when I think of an innocent victim, then it is both literally and figurativly way too close to home. Some of the people who I heard talking about it seemed really glad that something like this happened so that they would have something to talk about. If you break the world down into decision trees and then start to think about how the victim's life would have been different had he followed a slightly different path through his day. had he paused for a second longer to take a breath right before he got in his car, had he driven a little slower on the freeway, had he chosen to sit and drink his coffee at home rather than rushing out the door. There is no way to determine before hand exactly what will happwn as you make these seemingly inconsequential decisions but when looked on in retrospect they are each an important factor in the outcome, any of them could have changed his day completely.