I'm not sure exactly why, but for some reason teen angst struck me in sixth grade, about the same time I began puberty. It seemed as if my brain had completely shorted out. All of my friends suddenly became incredibly irritating. I believed that my entire class hated and despised me, which I'm fairly certain wasn't the case. I viewed myself as an absolute dork with a horrible personality. My clothes were suddenly inadequite as I realized I was the only person in the class who still wore sweat pants on a regular basis. Everything anyone said to me was like twisting the knife, so I isolated myself and talked with others as little as possible. The circuitry connecting my face to my emotions apparently went off-line, because my parents continually bugged me about wearing a very unpleasant expression and I honestly had no idea what they were talking about. There was a circus in my pants, to say the least. My teachers believed I was clinically depressed and recommended me for psychiatric counseling. I tried to play basketball on the school team in hopes that it would somehow fix the problem. Usually, I just ended up crying in the car after the game had ended, lamenting about my ineptitude at sports while my mother tried to figure out what was wrong and somehow console me. The one thing I was fairly good at, gymnastics, suddenly became a source of endless frustration as I went through a growth spurt and lost the vast amount of my previously known tricks due to the accompanying uncoordination. Religious beliefs were rudely questioned by my new-found skepticism, and I always started arguments with the poor resident priest who stopped in at religious class every once and awhile (something I really regret, even if I don't agree with him).

To put it succinctly, it sucked. Luckily, I recovered in about a year and now I can deal with high school sans neural instability.

Yeah, this is a getting to know you node. But, I didn't think anyone had really listed any symptoms of it, so I went with my own experience. YMMV.