This was a 19th century Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. His main accomplishment of note was the kidnapping of a Jewish boy. The boy had been dying of a life-threatening disease, and his Christian nanny baptized him because she feared he would go to hell. He turned out fine, but when Pope Pius IX heard of this occurance, he decided that since the boy was baptized, he must be raised Catholic. The Pope had the boy abducted and raised in the Vatican, where he later became a priest. The parents were devastated. They fought long and hard for the return of their son, but because of certain political situations, he not only was kept at the Vatican, but his parents were also not even allowed to see him. The most despicable part of this whole escapade is that Pope Pius IX was just recently beatified by Pope John Paul II, which puts him on the road to sainthood (Ignore the softlink below, he's not a saint yet, fortunately).