If I breathe in for two seconds as I'm lifting weights, I can breathe out for four seconds as I'm letting them down.

There needs to be at least one beat between sticking my ID card in the slot and drawing it out if the door will open.

Walking from my room to Cobb Hall third floor takes five minutes without snow, eight minutes with, nine minutes if I forget not to cut across grass after a rain.

Calling less than two days after a first date sounds desperate.

NPR cycles through a maximum of two news bulletins before my second alarm goes off.

I have three seconds after my purchase at the bookstore to gather my change and move out of the way before cashiers and customers start giving off a buzz of impatience.

It takes the CTA ten minutes to arrive at the red line bus stop when I need to get back on campus during the day, twenty minutes when I need to get back at night, and fourty-five minutes when I need to get back at night and the windchill over a freeway bridge is less than twenty degrees fahrenheit. In the lattermost case, two busses will arrive at the same time.

After pressing the 'connect' button, the wireless hub needs to stop flashing before I can begin to use my mouse.

After one second, it is impolite to maintain eye contact in public.

It would take me 4.5 days to listen to all of my music. It would take 1.2 days to listen to all of my worthwhile music.

An untreated cold goes on for seven days. A treated cold lasts a week.

Anything that can go wrong, will.

Please start speaking at the sound of the tone.

Good things come to those who wait.

Sitting still is a sitting duck.