An excellent jazz CD of music by Jane Reynolds and Hans Sturm. Jane plays piano, Hans plays bass. This is a list of songs with Jane's comments:
Blue Got Up is based on a poem from the book "Sounds" by artist Wassily Kandinsky
Shadows of Invisible Trees, written for a performance with the dance company Synergy, was inspired by Duke Ellington.
The Garden Behind Glass Walls comes from the Haiku:
"slender wild flowers
dance in the glass walled garden
where she hides her heart."
Patterns is an expression of the cyclical rhythms in nature.
Nicaragua: Songs in a Garden was named for a short story by Anais Nin: "The song slipped into the garden quietly...The child could cry, not at a song, but with premonition of things worth weeping for..." (My comment: A beautiful piece of music, one of my personal favorites)
Quasimodal was inspired by and written for Roscoe Mitchell's soprano saxophone.
Cruel Contradiction was also written for Synergy.
O-Zone was inspired by Ornette Coleman and Georgia O'Keefe.
Who Knows When Silence Begins? just played itself one day.