The definitive asshole of the Babylon 5 series. He works as a high-level PsiCop and the head of many orginizations within the Psi Corps, including the Black Omega Squadron (a unit of space fighter pilots who are also extrodinary telepaths). He has a P12 rating, the highest possible rating for a human telepath except under extreme circumstances. His main task is usually acting as an incredibly annoying negotiator for the Psi Corps whenever there is something they need from B5. His other function is to make Michael Garibaldi's life a living hell, for various reasons. An arrogant, dryly witty man, he also believes that one day telepaths will become the dominant race amoung humans and holds non-telepaths in amused contempt. He always has a hidden agenda, without exception. In fact, he usually has a couple layers of them, both professional and personal. He is played by Walter Koenig, who played Commander Chekov in the original Star Trek.