Here's an alternate view on the game. The general point of the game is to combine a dungeon-exploring type RPG with a town building simulator (like Sim City, sort of) and a dating simulator (these are common games in Japan, but they haven't really made an appearance in the US yet). Unfortunately, all three of these are only lightly touched on, and none of them go into any real depth. The RPG aspect of the game is probably the most complex, and it does require some strategy, but not nearly as much as other RPGs of this type. The town building simulator doesn't take any stategy at all; build what you want to build, when you have the money and the appropriate items.

With new buildings you can sometimes get new mini-games, which are surprisingly fun in of themselves. The dating simulator aspect could've been done much, much better. All it basically entails is choosing the correct answers in the branching conversations. This is the part of the game that really disappointed me, compared to the complexities of other dating simulators, this is downright laughable. This game can be a lot of fun, but it's really a lightened version of three different genres combined into one. I agree with the previous noder that the music for the game is very nice, but not Uematsu quality.