Care for the feet and toenails. While most hair salons do manicures, very few offer pedicures mainly because of the lack of demand. First of all, many people don't feel the need to make their feet look good if they are stuck in shoes and socks the vast majority of the day. This is one common misunderstanding - that pedicures are just about the nails. A true pedicure focuses on the foot as a whole.

Secondly, the modern day (American) image of the foot is of a smelly, bacteria-infested tool for walking that doesn't need the upkeep other parts of the body are given. The thing is, though, a pedicure can be one of the most relaxing experiences after a hard day expecially if you are one who regularily gets aches and pains in that area. Look for your local spa or call up larger hair salon establishments to see if they offer the service. Make sure that when they say they offer a pedicure they don't just mean painting your toenails.