Author, poet, philosopher, etc. born in England on August 4, 1792. In the early 1800's Shelley attended the Syon House Academy, Eton, and Oxford. During his enrollment at Oxford Shelley wrote "The Necessity of Atheism" which he sent to bishops, college authorities, etc. as well as posting it around the campus. For this he would be expelled. In 1811 Shelley eloped with sixteen year old Harriet Westbrook with whom he would have two children, Lanthe and Charles. Around the time of the birth of his first child, Shelley published his first poem, Queen Mab.

In 1814 Shelley, while still married to Harriet, met and fell in love with Mary Godwin (who also happened to be sixteen at the time). They basically reveled in pure adulterated fun (which resulted in their first child, William) for several years and then in 1816 Harriet committed suicide. About a month later Percy and Mary wed. A year later Percy was sued and deemed unfit to raise the two children he had with Harriet. Shelley and wife then moved to Italy. Shortly after moving Mary's Frankenstein was published. This is also the time Percy published most of his definitive works, including Rosalind and Helen, The Cenci, Prometheus Unbound, etc.

Percey Bysshe Shelley died in a boating accident on the Mediterranean on July 8, 1822. He was cremated and buried in Rome. A monument to Mary and Percy Shelley was built in 1854.

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