Yesterday I bought a Thoth tarot deck from a person in Montana. They sent a friendly response explaining when to expect delievery. Unusual, interesting. I looked at their profile, which said they - she - were selling only items from their personal possessions, cleaning house as it were. Their shipping location was Bozeman, Montana.

My car broke down just outside Bozeman in early-June at 1am of the second day of a cross-country drive back in ...

Oh my God! That was over a decade ago.

... In any case, I and my two cohorts looked exactly like what we were - three nearly broke college students driving east to summer jobs. We pushed the car to a nearby mechanic shop and slept in the car until they opened, nearly getting hypothermia during the night. The mechanic worked on our car for 5 hours straight in order to find the little carburator O-ring that had given up the ghost but only charged us $40.

After we'd thanked him profusely and left, the woman of our trio swore she would go back there and have his children someday, a scrifice made all the more notable considering the fact that she was a militant lesbian. But she kept the O-ring, so maybe she planned to actually do it someday.

I can see it now: "And in other news, Bozeman has become a Mecca for child-bearing-militant-lesbian migration."