I awoke with a start, still in a mild panic. I blinked a few times, slowed my breathing, and reverified my surroundings: at home, in bed, morning sun shinning in the windows, wife next to me just beginning to wake up. Thirty seconds before I'd been in a very different situation: night, hotel room, ex-girlfriend naked on the bed, me terrified because we'd just had sex and I knew my wife would be both heartbroken and homicidal. The night before I had been able to fend off some random dream-skank using my wedding ring as a shield. This time I hadn't had chance to do that - we were just suddenly naked in bed together, just after the act.

I suppose it was my own fault. I had been in the mood two nights running, but had gotten my wife into interesting discussions which had lasted until we were both too tired. Geek boy + geek girl + deep philosophical topic = "It's what time?!?" Oh, well. We talk about everything. So, as we lay there, both of us scraping the crud from our eyes, I told her about my dream.

As I finished, she put on a shocked face. "So, you dreamed you had sex with another woman?"

"Well, yeah."

Shock melted into lost and grief stricken, "While you were asleep... IN OUR BED?!?"

She worked in the trebling lip and chin stutter, before we both busted up laughing.